Children 0-3 Years

My First Brockhaus - Thematic Edition
Children are curious from an early age and want to find out as much as they can about ‘their’ world.
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My First Brockhaus in 12 volumes
This lovingly illustrated picture book series lets tots discover their world and the proper vocabulary in a playful and visual way.
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My Very First Audio Brockhaus
Children want action, fun and adventures. Even the very young are delighted when the teddy in the book speaks or the pictured cat purrs and meows.
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My Very First Bilingual Audio Brockhaus
My Very First Bilingual Audio Brockhaus introduces children to the world of letters and words using a unique approach with unprecedented audio possibilities.
ISBN: 978-3-577-07615-9
Price: 22.95 € 
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Prescolaris - The Bertelsmann Early Learning Kit
7 Themes that are appropriate and important for pre-school learning
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