Children 6 - 10 Years

Bertelsmann Magic Animals - 3D Globetrotter for Kids
Magic Animals presents the world’s most impressive animals in captivating 3D photos.
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Bertelsmann Magic World - The 3D Globetrotter for Kids
Look the Sphinx in the eye in Egypt, get dizzy on the top of the Grand Canyon and experience a bird‘s eye view from the ‘London Eye‘.
ISBN: 978-3-577-07548-0
Price: 9.99 € 
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Do Octopuses Have a Favourite Tentacle?
300 Mind-Boggling Questions and Answers
ISBN: 978-3-577-07344-8
Price: 7.95 € 
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Do Penguins Get Cold Feet?
300 Cool Facts for Clever-Clogs
ISBN: 978-3-7653-3451-1
Price: 7.95 € 
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Hands on Science

This book puts the fun into science!

ISBN: 978-3-577-07340-0
Price: 14,95 € 
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Learning Software on CD-ROM
As a multimedia approach promises the greatest success in language learning, this software is ideal for language learning primary school children.
ISBN: 978-3-577-10360-2
Price: 16.95 € 
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My World Poster Pack
This colourful world map is an eye-catcher in any smart child's room!
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The Bertelsmann Big Book of Experiments
The Bertelsmann Big Book of Experiments engages children aged six years and older by arousing their curiosity with amazing experiments that explore the mysteries of science and engineering.
ISBN: 978-3-577-07610-4
Price: 9.99 € 
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The Bertelsmann Children's Atlas with 3D Map
Bertelsmann Kinder Weltaltlas
The Bertelsmann Children‘s Atlas invites children on an exciting trip around the globe...
ISBN: 978-3-577-07608-1
Price: 14.95 € 
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The Children's Brockhaus - The Talking TING Quiz

More than 650 tricky questions on the four popular subjects of animals, technology, knights and horses.

ISBN: 978-3-577-07461-2
Price: 12.95 € 
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The Children's Brockhaus in one volume
A new generation of encyclopaedias for a new generation of children
ISBN: 978-3-577-07762-0
Price: 24.95 € 
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The Children's Brockhaus in Three Volumes
This is THE comprehensive and authoritative encyclopaedia for the 7-12 age group!
ISBN: 978-3-7653-1805-4
Price: 49.95 € 
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The Children's Brockhaus Observers - Nature's Friends for Life

An engaging portrayal of plants, animals and other life-forms living in 35 symbioses and symbiotic communities.

ISBN: 978-3-577-07343-1
Price: 12.95 € 
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The Children's Brockhaus Observers - The Masters of Metamorphosis
How does a caterpillar turn into a butterfly? How does a tadpole change into a frog?
ISBN: 978-3-577-09007-0
Price: 14.95 € 
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The Children's Brockhaus Observers - The World from under the Microscope
The book trains the spotlight on the unseen and the unusual for children.
ISBN: 978-3-577-07617-3
Price: 12.95 € 
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The Children's World Atlas - Mass Market Edition
Where in the world...? This perennial question is answered in loving detail in this beautifully crafted atlas.
ISBN: 978-3-577-09028-5
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The Children‘s Brockhaus Observers - Animal Camouflage
Nature never fails to fascinate and this book proves it once again.
ISBN: 978-3-577-07544-2
Price: 14.95 € 
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The Children‘s Brockhaus Observers - Mindboggling Bionics
What do parachutes, saltshakers and Velcro fasteners have in common? They are all inventions of nature!
ISBN: 978-3-577-07441-4
Price: 14.95 € 
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TING - The Children's Animal Brockhaus
In this comprehensive encyclopaedia, we go a stage further than merely depicting the animals and describing their habitats.
ISBN: 978-3-577-07646-6
Price: 24,95 € 
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Top Secret! 111 Things You should Have Done Before You're 13
Goodbye boredom, hello fun! Kids love pranks, magic tricks, riddles and games - This book is a treasure chest of such things.
ISBN: 978-3-577-00333-9
Price: 16.99 € 
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