Around the World in 80 pages


  • 80 pages
  • Round format: 250 mm in diameter
  • Get up: Round format, PPC, sewn, 130 gm² paper
  • Estimated selling price (depending on the sales channel): approx. € 14,95 // € 19,95
  • First Co-edition planned for 2012
  • Available in English and German

Price: 14,95 €

Additional information

Target audience
Children aged 6 and older.
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The Idea

The world has become a small place. Many children nowadays go on holiday to far away places at an early age in their young lives and soon understand that there are many other countries in the world with different cultures, languages and peoples. Indeed our own multi-cultural society at home brings children into contact with other ethnicities, religions and traditions from Kindergarten age onwards.

The fascination with other countries, with travelling and exploring things, simply with finding out about the world, is the starting place for this unusual atlas.

The Work

Why is it unusual? First and foremost, it is unusual because it is ROUND. This is not only an appropriate format for a world atlas, it is also appropriate to the idea of a journey going around the world…a round trip…..and this is what happens in this atlas. The facts and figures and country information which is intrinsic content for such a work, is told in the form of a story rather than as a list of facts to be learnt off by heart…. true to wissenmedia’s credo….learning is fun.

The children in our atlas come from different continents. The story begins at Halfpipe where they meet to skateboard together: they are the Skater Five: Miyu, Tim, Nala, Sienna and Phillip. During one of their sessions, the wheel of one of the boards breaks off and transforms into a kind of flying object, taking the kids off on their adventure around the world. On the resulting journey we find out where they come from, how children live elsewhere, where they go to school, typical handicrafts, festivals, animals and games and what else is typical for their part of the world. The journey around the world uses different methods of travelling from planes, trains and automobiles, to boats, buses and bare feet giving kids an idea of distance as well as cultural differences. The well-known and well-reputed wissenmedia cartography, made suitable for children, visualises the journey in detail. The comic illustration style is particularly modern and appealing to the targeted age group.

Around the World is a unique round book: an atlas, storybook and ambassador for cutural diversity all in one!

In a Nutshell
  • A new and innovative approach to a favourite subject
  • A unique round format
  • Story-telling as a fun and interesting way to convey knowledge
  • Maps of all continents
  • The Knowledge Quiz makes learning and exploring fun and acts as a leitmotif throughout the book
  • The content on the carefully designed pages reflect and complement the round format
  • Strong emphasis on subjects which interest kids

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