Guess Who I am - A wild animal pop-up quiz book


  • 24 pages

  • 19.0 x 18.0 cm

  • Hardcover (PLC with 12 pop-ups)

  • 24 illustrations

  • Approx. 790 words

  • Text/picture ratio: 10:90

  • InDesign

  • Forthcoming

Price: 14,95 €

Additional information

Age Range: 4+

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The Idea

Studies upon studies prove and confirm that playful learning is far more likely to achieve sustained success than comparative, traditional approaches.

Guess who I am is not only a learning quiz, it is also designed in an appealing ’pop-up’ way which indirectly also teaches the child about each animals' most prominent features - the giraffe has a long neck, the crocodile has sharp teeth and so on.

The Work

This pop-up book takes children aged four and older on an exciting journey of discovery through the wild animal kingdom. Creatures all but leap out on every page. A giraffe stretches out its long neck; a hippo opens its mouth to a gaping maw; a zebra bounds over the bush.

First, though, youngsters have to guess which creature is hiding under the folds of the pop-up. A short, simple quiz and a small section showing the animal up close provide clues that help kids figure out which animal is coming up next. The solution is revealed by opening up the corresponding, amusing pop-up.

The Featured Animals

Hippopotamus, Giraffe, Zebra, Elephant, Crocodile, Monkey, Tiger, Wild boar, Bear, Jaguar, Tarantula, Tyrannosaurus Rex

In a Nutshell:

  • Twelve elaborate yet robust pop-ups turn the book into a wonderful (reading) experience for young and old.
  • Short, simple quizzes provide key information to the various animals and are fun to solve.
  • Texts, pictures and pop-ups invite kids to take part, venture a guess and enjoy the fun of discovery.
  • A short quiz is on the left page and a close-up of the animal is on the right. These are followed by an animal pop-up that solves the mystery.

The book could feature eight animals, with additional touch-and-feel textures for four animals such as the giraffe, crocodile, bear and wild boar.

Rights sold in:

Austria; Germany; Switzerland;